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High-Intensity Exercise May Be Harmful To Heart Health

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Through experiments, researchers from Greece have found that the main artery of marathon athletes stiffer than normal men. Besides, their blood pressure is also higher. According to these experiments, it is indicated that a number of high-intensity exercise may be harmful to cardiovascular health. The researchers selected 49 men who often have regular marathon training and 46 men who have not been studied the endurance training. In the experiments, their blood pressure and arterial elasticity are measured. The results showed that systolic blood pressure in the heart of marathon athletes was significantly higher with an average of about 11% than non-marathon athletes. The researchers then examined their upper arm artery, which show that marathon runner's upper arm blood pressure is higher with an average of about 8% than non-marathon athlete. The conclusions were quoted on Healthy Living web site in the United States: Fitness can affect arterial elasticity and high-intensity movements may increase the degree of arterial stiffness.

Based on this study, one of the researchers Charalambos, from Athens Medical School, explained: "extreme sports may have to exert too much pressure on repeat arterial walls, causing arteries to become vulnerable." Despina Kada La Yeoh, leader of the study from Athens Medical School, said the data show there may be inverted U-shaped contact between sports and vascular stiffness. In other words, if you do not exercise, the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease is relatively high, but with high-intensity exercise, the risk is too higher. In general, regular endurance training is beneficial to heart health, but the cardiovascular system is like a car engine, if you do not use, it will be aging; if you let a long high-speed operation, it may be burned. "

Kada La suggested that the endurance athletes should be carefully arranged for training content and intensity, try not to let their own exhaustion. At the same time, medical examination is necessary, especially before the high-intensity exercise such as marathon.

"It has important significance to understand the results of this study, because arterial stiffness often leads to high blood pressure, damage the heart," Ka Dala said. Experts pointed out that 80% of cardiovascular disease could be prevented despite the high mortality of cardiovascular disease. The risk of cardiovascular disease can be largely reduced by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits such as not smoking, a balanced diet, regular exercise.
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