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Bora Bora, a Dream Destination

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Have you ever wondered where all those light blue crystal clear lagoon pictures come from? Are they all image manipulations or is there actually a place like that on the world? If you have, and are infatuated with those sights, good news for you: Bora Bora, arguably the world's most beautiful island is the exception from the rule of advertisement and reality ratio: it's exactly as wonderful as they say it is.
As honeymooners' favorite resort, you should visit Bora Bora in the dry season of the tropical climate, when you would only get wet on your own accord by jumping into the warm and shallow water surrounding the island.
Here you can marvel on the miraculous variety of sea inhabitants like coral reefs, colorful fishes and even dangerous species like sharks and rays which come touching close if you enroll to a specific water adventure activity.
If you prefer relaxing and recreation in that dreamlike setting, you can choose from a lot of easygoing blissful activities like picnic on the white sandy beaches, sailing with a glass bottom boat, enjoying massage in a wellness hotel and so on.
For a more adventurous vacation we suggest from the abundance of water sports: scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, water-skiing, kite-surfing and all the rest of combinations of sports done in the water or in the air.
A lot of people visit Bora Bora to see the amazing natural environment: flowers with all the grace and color you can imagine, forests of lush green trees that have inspired painters and photographers all over the world, calm blue waters that allow you to look into the peculiar world of the sea just like through a looking glass, blue sky that seems to be there only to make your pictures unbelievable for your definitely envious friends at home.
The accommodation on Bora Bora tries to match all kinds of pockets, nevertheless don't flatter yourself that you can find a cheap deal: in comparison to other arrangements on the island it might be a real bargain, but parallel with a usual tourist destination on the same continent as you are, it is still a great deal of money to spend on a holiday.
You can choose however from a wide variety of hotels, from the top notch luxury ones and waterfront bungalows to the family friendly pensions and camping.
There is also some cultural activities you can attend to, like the Galerie D'Art Alan Linda where you can find arts and crafts specific to the island.
Like most places living out of tourism, there is an enormous amount of nice little shops where you can buy souvenirs for the friends you left home.
Don't forget to take a look at the famous Tahitian black pearls which are the only naturally cultivated pearls achieving this color.
Visit Bora Bora and have the perfect holiday of your lifetime.
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