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Activities for Single Women

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    Cupid on the Golf Course?

    • If you like sports, taking up a new sport as a hobby may be the perfect solution. Many executives network at upscale golf courses almost every day of the week. Take another single friend and go take a lesson. Or better yet, eliminate any competition, get brave, and go alone. Make a promise to yourself that you will talk to one stranger at every lesson. If you are a good athlete and prefer partaking in a familiar sport, find a local coed softball league or swim team or sport you love. It's likely that if you are good, you will make an impression and meet someone new. If this is not the right one, don't despair: maybe this person's cousin comes to watch the game and as fate would have it, fireworks.

    Bookish Seeks Likeminded Book Worm

    • Bookish does not have to mean lonely on Friday night. Start a book club. Meet every week. It is your club, so you are in control of finding the members. You might even feel brave and call it what it is: a singles book club. If you would like to include beverages, food or alcohol, alternate among members each week.

    Je t'aime

    • If you love learning new languages, go to the local Berlitz, language school or college and put up a notice on the wanted board. For example: English speaking group seeks French speakers to join a language exchange lunch group. Gather some of your single friends together who also love French, for example, and start a group in which you all meet for lunch once a week. The rule: at the lunch, you speak French and they must speak English. This is a fun, inexpensive, great way to meet people, and it is educational.

    Single and Loving It

    • There is an old saying: a watched pot never boils. Forget about being single and go enjoy what you love to do. Surround yourself with other singles in fun, non-intimidating environments. The best-case scenario: you will meet the love of your life. The worst-case scenario: you will have a ball trying. There is no harm in going on singles cruises, or to lock and key parties. But why not try all options? The benefit to filling your life with activities that singles enjoy but that are not necessarily dating events is that the expectations are greatly reduced. You are free to be yourself without wearing an "I'm single" banner.

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