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Ideas to Decorate a Master Bedroom

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    • Start with paint. Painted walls can add unity to any look. Painting a bedroom can add light and help provide a backdrop for all furniture. If possible paint a bedroom before installing any flooring or carpet. This will help protect the floors from dripping paint, which can be difficult to remove. If you have carpets, protect them with heavy canvas tacked against all walls. To paint a room, wash all walls and let dry. Place blue painter's tape around the windows and any moldings. Paint the outside of the walls nearest the windows first. Fill in the remaining areas with additional paint; a roller works well for this purpose. Be careful not to overload the roller to help avoid drips and streaks. Let dry overnight; if possible, open all windows to help aid ventilation.

    Windows and Flooring

    • Pay attention to windows and flooring. Windows can help set a mood. For optimum restful sleep, minimize the light that flows in. Blinds and heavy shades are ideal for this purpose, and you can add decorative touches with valances and thin draperies. Changes can be made seasonally. Heavier cloth should be used to help keep the room warmer during the winter months, and lighter material is perfect for letting the breeze in during the summer.

      Flooring should be chosen carefully. Wood floors can add an old-fashioned touch that complements nearly any décor. However, wood floors can scrape easily and must be maintained by sanding and varnishing every so often. Carpet is light underfoot and can be purchased in patterns to add liveliness to any room. Carpet can also stain easily and may be difficult to clean.


    • A bed should allow for undisturbed sleep. Consider placing the bed away from windows to avoid being woken up by the sun. Side tables can compliment the bed and serve as useful places to store items such as glasses and sleep aids. Lighting should be minimal in order to reduce sleep disturbance. Small lamps placed on top of tables are good, although a brighter overhead light may illuminate the bedroom more effectively. An overhead ceiling fan can be a low-cost alternative to air conditioning, as well as serving as a decorative touch.

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