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Best Time of the Year When to Plant Roses

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The most popular plant in the world of flowers is a rose.
They are grown in various climates all over the world.
In spite of how pretty they are in appearance, roses are really a tough and durable plant.
Roses are the best plant for someone who is just beginning to plant or get into gardening.
For a beginner, growing roses may seem intimidating.
Especially one may not know when to plant roses.
The best time to plant roses will be in the early spring or the late winter.
In the late winter, you will need to ensure that all of the frost threat is gone and your soil is not frozen.
You can contact your local nursery to see what the frost dates are for the area you live in.
They can advise you of what the best time of year to plant your roses would be.
The best time to plant roses will also depend if you are planting bare root roses or roses that have been grown in a pot or container.
You can plant the bare root roses any time in the dormant season.
You will have to ensure your soil is workable and not frozen or water logged.
The best planting months for bare root roses would be in January and February.
The temperatures barely reach below ten degrees Fahrenheit or a minus twelve degrees Celsius.
In the colder regions with sub freezing temperatures, the late fall and early spring will be the best time to plant.
The cold winter region will prompt for a planting in the spring.
For the container grown roses, you can plant them during most of the year once they come available.
As long as the ground is not frozen you should be fine.
They can also be planted in the milder regions through the fall season.
In the spring, the plants have the longest growing time to get established.
If you plant during the summer months which are hot months, you will need to keep your buds watered.
Their roots will always need to have enough water.
If you let the roots of a rose dry out, you can kill the rose.
It is important not to plant roses before the time comes to do so.
In the early spring, the soil is workable.
Most roses show up in nurseries starting in late January or February.
This is their dormant time and they are just starting to bud.
Before planting bare root roses, you will need to soak them in a bucket of water or compost tea.
Roses that come in a box can be planted as is.
Roses can usually be planted any time of the year depending on your location, as long as the ground is not frozen.
You will need to make sure that they have enough water.
Vitamin B1 can help to prevent transplant shock in the desert climates.
Like any other living thing, roses require food, sun and enough water.
Slow drip irrigation is the key to watering roses.
There are books for those who are just getting started with roses.
This book will answer more questions that you may have in full detail.
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