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How to Replace the Fog Lights in a 2004 Mazda 3

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    • 1). Remove the three screws on the corner of the mudguard and pull down on it to access the fog light assembly. The mudguard is located under the front bumper. The mudguard does not come off of the vehicle when you remove the screws. It allows you to flex it downward to access the fog-light assembly.

    • 2). Reach up into the fog-light assembly and grip the fog-light socket.

    • 3). Turn the socket to the left, pull it back and then down to remove it from the fog-light assembly. The bulb is connected to the socket.

    • 4). Press in on the socket tab and lift up on the bulb to remove it from the socket. You can dispose the fog-light bulb when it is removed from the socket.

    • 5). Push the replacement fog-light bulb into the socket until you hear a click.

    • 6). Insert the socket into the fog-light assembly and turn it to the right to secure it.

    • 7). Replace and tighten the three screws in the mudguard.

    • 8). Repeat Steps 1 through 7 for the opposite fog light.

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