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Bsc and Msc Regular Degree in Fashion Design

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 Are you an avid admirer of fashion? Do you love expressing your creativity? Are you interested in learning the finer details of the fashion,glamour & creativity? Do you want your creations and designs to be appreciated and worn worldwide? Then you need not to wander anywhere. International School of Design (INSD) is your key to all these aspirations. INSD is one of the best fashion designing Institutes in Delhi.

The fashion designing courses offered at INSD are designed with an eye on fashion and to help the aspiring young minds to learn the detailed art and science of fashion designing. The Fashion design Courses offered at the institute will be helpful to bring you near to the fashion industry.

 Fashion designing:

 Fashion designing is an art. It is an art of design and aesthetics. It transforms the natural beauty with clothing and accessories. Many things influence fashion, the cultural and social backgrounds and the know how of whats going around you,all this can influence a mindset towards fashion designing. The new generations have shown great interest in taking up the fashion designing courses as a career because its fun to learn at various institutes like INSD. The new generation is young, talented and creative enough to rule the fashion world. Just a small and right type of guiding light is required.

 AIM of Fashion designing courses at our Institute:

To enhance your capacity to create good pieces & turn it into a business by practical training & futuristic learning.If you want to learn the art of fashion then you need to learn it from the leaders in design education.A good fashion design institute, such as INSD helps to channelize,nurture,& give a futuristic approach to further enhance the talents and skills of the young minds. Such institutes are necessary as they help you get the right direction to the creative minds and inculcate the communication skills in order to mould these young minds into a progressive young adult and equip them with all the skills to be successful in the fashion industry.     

BSc/MSc in Fashion Design:

Fashion design courses offered at International School of Design include various professional courses. Among these various courses, one of the 3 year undergraduate and 2 year postgraduate courses is the most popular.An all-inclusive 3-year undergraduate program helps students to understand the fundamentals of fashion designing as well as guide them to challenging, yet lucrative field of Fashion and Apparel Design this course is a 3-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.

The Master degree course or M.Sc. in fashion design is a 2 year course that strengthens the student skills to think beyond the ordinary & how do make it big in this industry. The course is designed to focus towards academic and industry related research & development. Various interactions with prominent personalities from the Fashion Industry keeps the student of the institute updated with the latest trends in the industry.The research oriented environment provided at the Institute of fashion designing would create a platform to answer questions that may arise and tickle your mind you in the future.


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