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African Rooms and Accents

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An African  Room or accent  can help anyone can add spice and life to their home or apartment.
  More people are starting to recognize the value of this adventurous decor.
  Whether you choose accent pieces liven up what you already have or centerpieces that can dominate a room, there's something to meet every taste and budget.
You can choose a wooden sculpture, hand-made in Kenya, a colorful hand sewn basket weaved in Ghana or pottery handmade in South Africa.
  There's nothing like a accent piece made, fashioned and polished by hand to set off any piece of furniture, an empty wall or a bare corner of any room in your home.
However, African decor covers more than handmade sculptures and pottery.
  You can add a splash of excitement by exploring the many colorful fabrics available.
  You'll instantly recognize them when you see them.
They grab your attention with  their bold colors and design that demand attention when anyone walks into a room.
Another accent that continues to grow in demand is African wall decor.
  Examples are wall ornaments, hand-woven fabrics, picture frames and more.
They all work to add boldness and charm to bare and boring walls.
Be careful not to overdo it though.
When it comes to walls wall decor, a little can go a long way.
Besides placing too many on one wall distracts one piece from the other.
  Plus overdoing it makes one piece compete rather than accent each other.
Those are my tips for adding spice to your home with an African room or accents.
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