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2 Premature Ejaculation Exercises

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There are 2 premature ejaculation exercises that work extremely well when learning to control your own stamina in the bedroom.
The first one is often times called the start stop technique, but sometimes its referred to as "edging".
This is where you masturbate as you normally would do, but just before you get ready to ejaculate, or feel yourself cumming, you stop and relax for about 30 seconds.
Then, after you have regained your control, continue again.
Do this about 5 times and after using this technique for a couple of weeks you should see great results.
When it comes to the start and stop technique, the important thing to remember is to never rush through this process.
That actually can make P.
much worse in fact.
Make a routine practice session out of it, and if you have a partner to help you out with it, get her involved as well.
The other premature ejaculation exercises that you can do are ones that involve strengthening the PC muscle which greatly influences when you climax.
This is the same muscle that you use to control urine flow, so by squeezing it, you can actually give it a workout.
Try this simple exercise routine.
Squeeze this muscle and release it as fast as you can.
Do this for a count of 20 times.
After you have finished doing that, go straight into squeezing and holding the muscle for as long as you can.
You don't need to get too carried away, because you can really make this muscle tired, so don't over-do-it too much.
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