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Shut Up and Listen - 3 Simple Ways to Get More Sales

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Many seminars focus on the latest scripts.
They reveal killer questions and strategies that will get your customer to say "YES" to your offer! While having powerful interest peaking sales scripts are essential to closing sales one of the best methods to doubling your sales is to SHUT UP.
The reality is that most sales professionals and business owners talk too much.
They endlessly talk about their products features and benefits.
These same individuals' book in-office appointments perform PowerPoint presentations and still they aren't getting the sales that they could achieve with a slightly different approach.
Instead of asking question after question or sharing additional benefits of your product or service, I invite you to take the approach of being quiet.
It is important to ask interest peaking questions; however, take a moment to really listen to their response.
Don't anticipate what they are going to say or be ready to pounce on them with another question, take a moment to be quiet and listen.
I invite you to consider the following methods when listening to your prospects with the goal of getting the sale: · Write down notes - Typing on your computer can be heard on the phone.
Take time to write notes on a piece of paper with key items that reveal their pain.
Each time they speak quietly take notes as that will force you to listen to what they are REALLY saying.
· Active Listening - Active listening means you have the goal of using something they are saying in the next words that you utter.
More than acknowledging what they said consider integrating their words in your question.
For example if your prospect said "I was just starting to research service "X", you could respond with "That's great that you are just starting to research, what has been your biggest challenging when starting to find out what is important to you?".
· Keep your phone calls short - Listening correctly is challenging.
To increase your sales consider watching the time on your phone calls.
Set a target time of getting off the phone with the prospect of 3-10 minutes.
In that amount of time you will have been able to get an appointment, close the sale, or reject the client.
Asking the right interest peaking questions as part of your sales scripts is a core skill but won't do you any good when you don't listen.
Consider discovering more questions that you can ask where you will listen your way to more sales at www.
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