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Older Women Younger Man - 3 Mistakes Older Women Should Avoid

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You've come a long way baby. That was the declaration of a certain cigarette commercial in the 1970's basically telling women they had arrived. This was in the midst of the movement to get society to not only recognize the contribution of women but more importantly to extend equal rights and protection under the law. And of course nothing back then said equality like getting your own cigarette and commercial to go with it.

Times have changed and women have made even more progress. One of those areas of change is the cultural acceptance of the older women younger men relationships. It has not been welcomed in all quarters but thankfully we are not at the same point that we stood decades before.

But people are people and we all make mistakes. For many older women who have been in previous relationships with someone more in their age range there may be a period of adjustment in dealing with a younger man. Or it could be that some of the dynamics of the relationship are unfamiliar.

In any case there are a few mistakes as an older woman that you do your best to steer clear of.

1. Do Not Doubt Yourself

It is a new thing for the both of you. And you may not be able to fully digest the age gap that exists. So from time to time you may think he should be out with women his old age.

But he is not. He is out with you because he likes who you are how you look and what you bring to the relationship. Accept it and move on. You may think what if he gets tired of you? He could be saying the same thing about you. Wondering how long he can hold on to this diamond that he was fortunate enough to find.

2. Not His Mother

You have experienced many things in your life good and bad. Do not use what you have learned to treat him like a child. Respect the fact that while he is younger he to has experienced more than his share of ups and downs. Good relationships are filled with mutual respect and hopefully a sense of equality. Scolding or even trying to help him in a way that makes him feel like a child is a blueprint for breakup.

3. Not Acting Your Age

Do not in try to "bring it down to his level". If people think you are younger than your years so be it. But do not make a conscious effort to come off as one of his contemporaries. It could give him the impression that you are not really comfortable with who you are.
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