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Living With a Celebrity

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Our dog is like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
When we walk him down main street in our small town and people see him, they immediately stop whatever they are doing and exclaim quite loudly "Oh my God -- look at the size of that dog!!" So what's so special about our dog Oden, aka OD? He is a 200-pound English Mastiff.
So now you are saying "Oh my God ! Why get a dog that big?" Well like most gullible parents, my son talked me into getting another dog after our chocolate Labrador retriever died.
For years he wanted an English Mastiff.
Initially, I resisted since I knew this was a BIG dog (it is the heaviest breed).
But being a dog lover, I wanted to first learn more about the bred before I said "yes" or "no".
The English Mastiff is one of the oldest canine breeds.
No one knows for sure this breed's exact origin.
Some think that the ancestors of the Mastiff came from Central-Asia.
Historians believe about 500 BC Phoenician traders brought the dogs to Britain.
These dogs were popular because of their size, strength, loyalty and ferocity.
The Romans trained them for war and protection.
After World War I and World War II, Mastiffs almost became extinct.
People could not afford to keep such a large dog.
To save the bred, Mastiffs were crossbred with a number of other types of dogs.
The Mastiff today is gentle but still protective.
After scouring the Internet for Mastiff information and talking to Mastiff owners and breeders, I said "yes" to my son.
We bought a cute little 12 lb male puppy from a reputable Mastiff breeder and called him Oden.
Like the fairytale beanstalk, OD grew and grew and grew! At a year old he weighed 160 pounds.
Now at 17 months, Oden has almost reached full maturity.
He is as tall as our dinner table, has muscles a body builder would admire, and feet the size of my hands.
To go along with his big body is a massive broad head.
Though his looks are intimidating, he greets most people with a wagging tail and kind eyes.
When people see Oden they stop and ask us these questions:
  • What kind of dog is that? - He is an English Mastiff.
  • How much does he weigh? - He weighs 200 pounds.
  • How much does he eat? - He should eat 8 cups a day but he is a very picky eater.
  • Do we have a big backyard? - No and it wouldn't matter because OD likes being with us inside the house.
  • My husband and I sympathize with a celebrity like Arnold-always getting stopped and admired.
    We now know how he feels.
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