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What is Twitter Spam and is it Killing Your Business?

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What is Twitter spam? It's the unsolicited onslaught of advertisements that all Tweeters see every day, uninvited, unwanted, and annoying. Spam on Twitter is reaching epidemic proportions.

Why is Twitter spam so commonplace? Because there's been a huge buzz about using Twitter as a mass marketing tool, and many greedy, clueless "business people" who just don't get it have infiltrated the system.

I'm on the site almost daily, and can attest to the fact that spam on Twitter is everywhere! To illustrate this point I just went over to Twitter and found this perfect example on the very first page of my account: "In this business you can make so much money it's unbelievable all you have to do is try!" - followed by a url which I don't care to repeat.....

I mean really, would you approach a stranger at a party with a line like that? Than don't even think for a minute that it's acceptable on Twitter!

Endless numbers of marketers are choosing to spam followers on Twitter. For some it might bring quick revenues but it makes for poor business practice, can drive Twitter users away, and using spam on Twitter can result in being banned from the site.

If you're just starting with online marketing you should know that Twitter is one of the perfect resources for promoting and building your business. It's free, it's an excellent tool for connecting with potential customers and business partners, and it can drive traffic to your website or blog on autopilot. And it's viral. What more could you ask for?

But there's a right and a wrong way to use it and trust me, posting spam on Twitter is not the right way! So, how can you use this free and powerful resource to build your business?

In order to be successful, you'll need to establish a relationship of trust with your potential clients and business partners. If you spam followers on Twitter they will not have any desire to know you! Who can blame them?

You'll want to be a respected business person who attracts others through offering value and assistance. And yes, you can use Twitter to accomplish that goal. But first you have to work on building relationships and giving to others.

After people get to know and like you, and only then, they'll want to learn more about you. It's at that point that they'll take the time to look at your profile page and may click on the links that you've posted on your Twitter page. This is how Twitter relationships are formed.

So, rather than resorting to using spam on Twitter, effective marketers use the approaches below to develop relationships with fellow tweeters:

* Share links to videos that others may enjoy
* Post humorous or inspirational quotes
* Review books and movies that others may like
* Retweet great content that others have provided
* Give genuine, heartfelt compliments to those you're attracted to
* Provide free, valuable information
* Use the 90/10 rule - provide 90% valuable content and 10% (discreet) promotion

You may be thinking, "it sounds like every other kind of relationship". Congratulations, you get it! You're one of the few who will know better than to spam on Twitter, and you're on your w

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