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Giving Our Best To Get The Best!

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To reap a harvest, seeds must be planted! To get a return on an investment, a deposit must first be made! To live a dream, we must have a dream and take action to begin the process of living that dream!Anything we desire to have, to achieve in life - be it tangible on intangible, without a doubt it will cost us something to get there or get it.
No free rides, getting something for nothing worth having and experiencing is wishful thinking.
Action creates a reaction; results in something.
Want to be loved?Then find someone to love! Want to feel better about yourself? Then give your time to volunteer for a worthwhile cause.
Want to decrease or eliminate your debt? Then stop using credit and begin to pay off the current debt and save something - even $5 a month...
it will empower and encourage you to do more.
Simple concept and truth, but how many of us live or expect to get where we want to, have what we desire without first giving something? The earth/nature is all about giving up or giving to first before we can get back.
God gave his son Jesus, so that we can experience life - joy, peace, love etc.
How many times have we given just because we wanted to, and the feelings connected to the act of giving surpassed our wildest expectations? Think about it - to get the best out of this life, we have to give our best; to our loved ones, in the way we treat strangers and walk and talk the same language when our loved ones and friends are present and not.
Think about how our individual lives could be so much richer for simply making the conscious decision to give our best for today.
Trust me, it will surely come back to you!So how about it? It goes beyond just giving to get; it will be getting the very best, cause we set out to give our best.
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