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Why Nice Guys And Jerks Are Really Doing The Same Thing

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Why do girls hate nice guys? Well, they don't really hate them, but they don't get turned on by them either.
Why not? Let's consider a typical interaction.
A typical nice guy is with a girl.
He is super nice, and she immediately puts him in the "friend" category.
Why? Because he's not really being "nice.
" He's being "safe.
" See, he wants to say certain things, but he's afraid if he does, she might not like him.
He's self-censoring his own thoughts because of what she might say.
This is terribly unattractive.
Why? Girls want somebody who can hold their own, in pretty much any conversation.
Guys that are confident.
Guys that don't take crap from anybody.
Nice guys, because they are afraid to express their own wants and desires, automatically remove themselves from the running.
They act the way they do because they are terrified of rejection.
Now let's consider the jerk.
The jerk expresses himself, but it's way over the top.
He says what's on his mind, but he absolutely overpowers everybody around him.
He doesn't give others the same chances he is assuming for himself.
See, the jerk is also terrified of rejection.
He just deals with that fear a little bit differently.
By being obnoxious, he scares away any rejection that might come up.
In reality, both the nice guy and the jerk are two sides of the same coin.
Both are terrified of rejection, and both augment their communication styles to make sure it never happens.
Does this work? Absolutely.
Nice guys and jerks get laid, have relationships, get married, and start families.
But guess what? There's always that underlying fear of rejection.
That is no way to go through life.
The best way is to simply reframe what you may think of as rejection.
So you ask a girl out, and she says no.
So what? You have expressed an interest in her, and she hasn't reciprocated.
Did you think there was some kind of magic formula to make any girl fall in love with you? When you understand that all people have their own criteria, and what's important to them, then you'll realize there's really no such thing as rejection.
It's just people getting together, expressing their preferences, and finding out if there is a match.
The surprising thing is when you speak your mind without fear, and allow others to do the same, you will quickly become more attractive than you ever thought possible.
You'll gain all the good characteristics of both the nice guy and the jerk, without any of the drawbacks.
On top of that, you'll never fear rejection again.
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