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How to Save Oxidized Paint

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    • 1). Pour a small amount, 1/4 to 1/2 cup, of liquid rubbing compound onto the buffing pad. Turn the buffer on, and place it on the surface of the oxidized paint. Work the buffer in small circular motions. Add more compound as the buffing pad becomes dry. Work the compound into the surface, but don't keep the buffer in one place for more than two seconds or it can burn through the paint. The rubbing compound contains micro-abrasives that remove the oxidation without harming the paint. This brings the paint to a shine.

    • 2). Buff the entire vehicle with the liquid rubbing compound. Buff the compound until it has completely disappeared, and there are no visible swirl marks. If there are areas with no oxidation, the compound won't effect or harm them.

    • 3). Replace the buffing pad with a polishing pad. Pour car polish onto the polishing pad, and use the same techniques as with the buffing compound.

    • 4). Use a clean buffing pad to buff the remainder of the car polish off of the car and bring the surface to a glossy shine.

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