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How Do You Make a Heart With Lanyard Strings?

Lanyard hearts make great homemade gifts. Before you start, it's best to be familiar with the brick stitch---a double-wide box stitch---and the triangle stitch. You can also make the same design by adding an extra lanyard string and using a super brick stitch---a triple-wide brick stitch---and a box

How to Make a Spinning Lamp Shade Design

Creating your own spinning lamp shade design lets you create a custom light display for your child, your favorite photos or for a favorite piece of artwork. Rotating lamps might have reached their popularity in the 1950s, but the craft is still alive today. Creating your own custom spinning lamp sha

Lacing Instructions for a Boondoggle Lanyard

Boondoggle lanyards are weather- and water-resistant, durable, colorful and easily made at home. This project, which is great for any child or child-at-heart, is as functional as it is cute. You only need some boondoggle, also called lanyard or gimp, and a lanyard hook to lace your own boondoggle la

How to Develop a Color Scheme for a Bar Chart

The point of a bar chart is to make your data more clear and convincing. Having a bar chart that either cannot be seen clearly or that has colors that distract from your information goes against the principles of good color design. Each color has three characteristics: value (its lightness or darkne

How to Make a Cup Phone

Cup phones are a craft mostly for children, but people of all ages can have fun with this experiment. The sound transmission begins by speaking into one cup. The sound vibrations travel along the string to the other person's cup, which is held to his or her ear. The result is like a phone. This can

How to Measure a Necktie

The ability to choose the right color, length and style of tie separates a well-dressed man from a poorly dressed man. Measure your tie to ensure the correct size. Use this information at the store when looking for a tie with the same measurements, or look for a longer or shorter tie.

In A Flash - Our Burn Injury Story

Burn Injuries change your life - In a Flash! Poof!... in a flash, that's how long it takes for someones world to come to a crashing halt. For us it happened at 6:58 pm on ...

How to Make a Softball Fleece Blanket

Making a fleece blanket for a softball player is a great way to offer warmth in the dugout or the team bus during tournament travel. The personalization of a blanket will be appreciated no matter the age of the player. Fleece is an easy-to-work-with fabric that is great for beginning sewers and can

Canvas Needlework Crafts to Make

Use canvas needlework crafts to decorate many household items. Needlework canvas is available with large holes or small holes, and threading materials range from yarn to fine needle work thread. Patterns are available in many styles.

How to Repair Canvas Material

Art restoration is an extensive field of work. To become an art restoration professional, you must go to school for many years. Without training, you can perform minor restorations to your paintings at home. However, if your painting is valuable or the damage is extensive, it is best to pay a profes

How to Make a 3D T-Shirt

Everything related to 3D, from movie screenings to enhancements of home televisions, is growing more popular. Even clothing can appear three-dimensional, though few people realize you can actually make 3D t-shirt designs at home. There is no need to buy a 3D design off the rack when you can create o

Making Candy Bar Wrappers

Candy bars are a delicious treat that are enjoyed by children and adults all over the world. They can be found at sporting events, school campuses and celebrations, such as birthday parties. Personalizing candy bars with homemade wrappers is a simple and fun activity to do with the kids and makes

Kinds of Rubber Ducks

Rubber ducks have adorned bathtubs since the beginning of rubber manufacturing in the 19th century. While always beloved, rubber ducks did not assume their current cultural popularity until 1970 when Ernie's "Rubber Duckie" from "Sesame Street" became a mainstream hit, reaching 16 on the Billboard T

How to Determine the Grain on Silk for Sewing

The stress that fabric goes through between production and sale can pull it out of alignment, or off grain. When fabric is off grain, you can't fold it in half properly, as the edges won't meet, and pieces cut from off grain fabric don't drape the way they're supposed to. Knit and woven fabrics can

Setting up an eBay Shop to sell Soft Toys

Soft toys are one of the most unusual categories of items being sold on Ebay. Most people have no idea that there are actually people making money selling soft toys, usually used, or well-loved as the

How to Make Hanging Gourd Lamps

Gourd lamps provide unusual lighting and create interest as home decor. Lamp project designs can be simple or complicated, but they are fun to execute, even if you have no artistic ability. Lamp shapes can be chosen from a vast array of gourds. Gourds come in gooseneck, kettle and bottleneck shapes

Techniques for Basic Chemistry Laboratory Problems

In some ways, working in a chemistry lab class is a little like cooking, except that precision is more important and there's a lot more math and "brain work" involved. In many experiments, you'll be asked to combine chemicals in given proportions and under the right conditions to create a desired pr

How to Design With Pressed Flowers

Designing with pressed flowers is a fun, simple project that will enable you to display your pressed flower collection in your home. Flowers and leaves of your choice can be pressed in books or special flower presses. Decide which types of flowers or leaves you want to display, based on the color an

How to Make a Ceramic Rabbit

Ceramics is the art of working with clay. The quality of the finished ceramic figure depends largely on the type of clay you choose to work with. Different types of clay have different properties and require different firing and glazing methods. When shopping for clay choose according to the type of

How to Make a 3D Butterfly

There are thousands of different butterflies in the world, but you don't have to catch one to bring a 3D butterfly into your home. Keep the project attractive and budget friendly with low-cost materials, such as scrap foam shapes. The easy tasks and safe materials mean kids can also join in on the a