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Appeals in Income Tax in India

Grievances arise in matters related to law. If any assessee is not satisfied by the order given by an assessing officer or a commissioner, he can file an appeal against such order. The Income Tax Act provides for the procedure to file an appeal.

How to Get Your Tax Return Quickly

For many people, tax refund is the biggest pay check they will receive all year. Thus, they tend to want it as quickly as they can possibly get it. The following paragraphs will provide you ...

Introduction of Tax2290

Tax2290.com is an online tax filing software product from ThinkTrade Inc, enabling heavy highway vehicle operators to file their highway use tax returns electronically. This product also allows for tr

What Can I File on My Tax Return As a New Home Owner?

There are a number of deductions and credits you can claim on your tax return as a new homeowner. They aren't the same thing, however. Credits reduce the amount of taxes you owe directly. Deductions reduce the amount of taxable income you have.

Income Tax Information for Canada

Canada has been collecting income tax since 1917, according to the Canada Revenue Agency. Canadian income tax is payable both to the federal and provincial or territorial governments based on an individual or business's taxable income. Tax returns should be submitted annually to calculate the correc

How to Choose a Tax Agent?

This is one of the most popular ways of searching a tax agent. We often ask our friends, relatives and acquaintances for reference while looking to hire any kind of professionals. Therefore, you can ask ...

Are Health Care Premiums Deductible on Federal Income Tax Returns?

The premiums you pay for health insurance count as a medical expense for income tax deduction purposes, states the Internal Revenue Service in Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses. But medical insurance premiums, like all other medical expenses, are subject to a 7.5 percent exclusion. That m

Inheritance Taxes - Someone Does Not Always Have to Die

The inheritance taxes has a different name for some, it is called the Death tax. Most observers feel it is morally wrong to cause a family more financial burden in a time of their sorrow with the loss of a family member but it still occurs.

How to Calculate Taxes

Many people are curious what there tax liability for the year will be, but many find it too difficult to calculate. Others are confused by tax brackets and effective tax rates. Calculating how much you owe in taxes can help you in preparing financial plans for the coming year, as well as with determ

It’S Tax Time.

Los Angeles, CA - Tax relief is at the top of the list of most Americans during one of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. As more and more Americans face extreme financial ...

How to Zero Out Self Employment Tax

If you are self-employed (meaning you are your own boss, and all of your income is not taxed by an employer), you are subject to self-employment income taxes. This means that you have to pay 15.3 percent of your income to the government for self-employment and Medicare. If you want to zero out this

Scholarships for Emancipated Children

Scholarships for "emancipated children" typically offer student aid for former foster youth who have reached legal adulthood in their state and no longer live under the guardianship of foster parents or a state agency. Emancipated foster youth can receive scholarship funding through state and federa

What Is the IRS Form 8862?

IRS Form 8862 must be filled out if you hope to claim your Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) after it has been previously reduced or denied when it wasn't due to a math or clerical error.

The 3 Principles Of A Good Tax System

In every place where the authority deducts taxes from the income of residents, there is always a system. Some are more established and professional than others. Each of these systems operates based on certain principles ...

How to Get Access to Your Taxes

After filing your federal taxes year after year, it can be all too easy to lose track of your previous tax returns. If the IRS is auditing you, you will want to obtain copies of your previous tax transcripts. You may also need previous tax transcripts for other purposes, such as electronic tax filin

Odd Tax Deductions

The federal government offers citizens and residents an array of opportunities to reduce taxable income by deductible personal expenses. A majority of the tax deductions are regularly taken by millions of taxpayers each year. However, there are a few that may appear to be odd and are infrequently ta