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The Best Windows Registry Software

Windows has been one of the most popular operating systems ever, with an estimated user base of over a BILLION people. However, it's got an Achilles Heel which is actually ruining it - the registry. Here's how to fix it.

Online computer security

Today's internet is changing at a fast pace. Unfortunately so are the computer threats. Without proper security measures most computers connected to the internet are vulnerable to various attacks. The spread of global networks makes ...

How to Uninstall Spyware Blaster

SpywareBlaster is a security tool that protects your computer from dangerous threats that attempt to diminish computer performance. It performs a variety of tasks such as blocking spying, preventing the installation of dangerous ActiveX applications and deleting potentially unwanted programs. Howeve

How to Make Your Computer Faster Using Registry Repair Software

There are many ways your computer registry can become overwhelmed with information and data. This information is stored when you add new things to your computer and a lot of it becomes completely useless. Being so clogged with all of this input, your computer struggles a lot and becomes very slow an

How Online Backup Service Works

One of the most advantageous developments that have been made in the internet world recently has been the introduction of online backup services. These allow the user to back up important files and documents from their computer via the internet, using a third party online back up service.

Free Registry Cleaner and Fix to Improve Your PC Performance

If your PC is running slower than how you first used it, then you need a free registry cleaner and fix to help you out. You should utilize one if you feel that your laptop or desktop is really slowing down. Your PC's slow speed is the result of a registry that's no longer efficient.

Secure Your Business by Backing Up Your Data and Recover From a Disaster!

What will you do if suddenly one day you wake to see a fire has burnt away all your computers and the servers or let's say floods washed away your systems or an earth quake destroyed it totally? What if your total office files are present on the those computers? The very thought of such things

How to Scan and Clean Your Computer?

If you'd like to know how to scan and clean your computer, the following notes may help. In particular, this is about using registry cleaner software to accomplish these tasks. Find out how to scan and clean your computer here...

The Best Registry Cleaner For XP

XP might have been released several years ago, but it's still being used by millions of computer users today. Not only is it stable, it was also cutting edge - adding a touch of enjoyment never before seen to Windows. However, it has a set back... the 'registry' causes many problems,

The Best Registry Cleaner For Windows Vista

There are a lot of registry cleaner tools which are "meant" to work well on Vista, but in order to get the best results from them, you should use the best one. The best registry cleaner is the one that is able to find and remove the most issues from your computer without causing any more d

The Best Registry Cleaner For Windows Vista

If you're looking to fix your PC with a registry cleaner, then you'll need to be sure that you're going to get a tool which works extremely well. Luckily, we've been able to test the most popular cleaners and have found a cleaner which does work very well on Vista.

How to Split PST file in Outlook 2007?

Massive PST size in Outlook 2007 can become the cause of PST corruption, which a main problem leading to fatal data loss situations. In order to fix this problem, you can split PST file in Outlook 200

The Secret of Online Security Protection

There are a dizzying number of antivirus software out in the market today. And most users don't know which software gives the best protection. Here are some insights on what these programs do and what your options are.

Choosing the Best Online Backup Service

Once youve seen the light and decided to go with an online backup service so that you'll be able to feel secure about your mission critical information and it's safety, there are a few others things that you'll need to decide to ensure that you get the right fit. Remember that while a

E-Greeting Worms

Technology has been a boon to us most of the time. It is meant to ease our way of living by making things simpler, faster and easier to share. E-greetings were meant to make sending special messages to loved ones, colleagues, etc., more convenient.