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How to Disable Spector Pro

Spector Pro, a spyware program, exploits your system with embedded keylogging functions. This nasty spyware creates backup files of the following items: instant message conversations; email messages sent or received; Web pages visited; keystrokes; programs or applications launched in Windows, and se

What Kind of CD Do I Use to Burn a Recovery Disc?

A recovery disc is an invaluable tool in the computing world. When a computer is working perfectly, it is all too easy to overlook the need for a disc that contains programs and data needed to get your computer up and running again. When disaster strikes, a recovery disc is vital. Because the number

How to Find a File Based on Date in DOS

DOS (Disk Operating System) is a single task and single user computer operating system. All commands in DOS are executed in the command line (prompt). The usage of DOS sharply declined in the late 1990s after the release of Windows 95 as a standalone operating system, however, every version of Windo

How to Uninstall Windows XP With Fdisk

Use the fdisk utility to format the hard drive of your computer, create partitions on your hard drive and remove unwanted operating systems that are currently installed. The fdisk utility allows you to prepare the hard drive of your computer for a clean installation of your operating system. Before

How to Make XP Recovery Console Disks

Windows XP is Microsoft's 2001 operating system (OS) release. Though the OS is considered to be more stable than previous releases, there are times where it may fail and need to be recovered. For users who do not have either an XP installation disc or the Recovery Console pre-loaded onto their compu

What Is Slowing Down My Windows XP Startup?

Many factors can slow down the Windows XP startup, though the most common is the addition of unnecessary programs starting with the system. You can speed up the boot time by checking the Startup folder, changing program options and performing other basic maintenance.

How to Add Segala to the Content Advisor

Content Advisor is an optional part of Internet Explorer that gives you the ability to manage the web content your family views. This program is free to use and easy to set-up, taking the worry out of web browsing. Content Advisor relies on known site ratings and your preferences to block inappropri

The Importance of an Operating System

An operating system is a set of program files and routines that controls a computer's resources and provides access to a computer's services. More specifically, an operating system allows a computer's hardware components, including processors and drives, to communicate with its software components,

How to Install the Full Version of Adobe Audition

Installing the full version of Adobe Audition removes the limitations that are set into place when using a trial version. Adobe Audition is virtual video and audio software that allows you to produce professional-grade compositional productions. Both the DVD and downloadable full version require a s

How to Make a Star in Quark Xpress

Ever since Quark XPress 6, the starburst tool has been available to easily draw star shapes for pictures and text. The tool is set with a predefined number of points to the star. Points can also be added manually, or the default can add up to 99 points. The depth of each point can likewise be set, a

How to Boot From a CD Drive in Windows Me

In order to boot from a CD, you must have a bootable CD. A bootable CD is most typically the operating system disc that allows for repairs or re-installation of the system. Other boot CDs consist of lightweight diagnostic tools that allow the user to run antivirus applications if the entire system c

How to Adjust Start-Up Programs in MS Windows XP

When you boot up your Windows operating system, a number of programs and processes start up and run automatically. Some you see, some you don't. A couple of these programs can be useful or even critical, such as your anti-virus program, firewall and other such programs. However some programs and pro

What Is the Definition of Disk Cleanup?

Frequent computer users know how valuable it is to have a fast computer that's able to hold all of their files and programs. Computer space fills up fast, and being able to quickly and efficiently make more space is important. Disk cleanup, a maintenance tool by Microsoft Windows, does just that.

How to Prevent Chkdsk

Check Disk (Chkdsk) is a tool created by Microsoft to check your drives for problems. Once a problem is detected, Chkdsk attempts to repair the problem. Unfortunately, the tool takes several minutes to run when you turn on your computer, slowing your boot time. You can, however, prevent Chkdsk from

How to Uninstall Spybot From Vista

Spybot Search & Destroy is a spyware removal tool that monitors your computer and removes malicious programs such as tracking cookies. If you are not using it on your Windows Vista computer, it is advisable to remove it to free up memory and hard disk space. Windows Vista comes with an uninstallatio

How to Install Visual Studio .NET Prerequisites

Visual Studio .NET is a powerful software development kit created by Microsoft. In order to install Visual Studio .NET, you must first prepare your system; to that end, Visual Studio .NET comes with a CD specifically for installing prerequisites. Some common prerequisites include the .NET framework

How to Edit Registry Settings

The Windows registry holds the information that tells your computer and programs how to operate. It is organized into hives, which are made up of keys, subkeys and values. Opening the registry in edit mode is easy. However, proper editing of registry settings requires advanced computer knowledge. Im

How to Stop a Windows Genuine Program

The Windows Genuine Advantage program checks your Windows installation to confirm it is a legal version of the operating system. Windows Genuine Advantage sends reminder messages if the program thinks your operating system is pirated. You can remove the Windows Genuine Advantage program so it no lon

How to Get Rid of About:Blank in IE

Microsoft added a powerful feature to Internet Explorer 7 (and subsequent versions) called tabbed browsing. It lets you open new pages without minimizing or closing the window you're using. New pages open in tabs within the same window, allowing you to quickly switch from one to the other. Unfortuna