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Learn All Eminem Lyrics and Sing Along

There are very many popular rappers who have changed the music industry by producing high quality tunes that people can sing along to and be entertained. Singing along to a beat that has been produced is usually a great feeling especially when you know all the words as it helps one enjoy the tune mo

Electric Bass - Online Lessons and Tips

Many fine bass players are industrious and generous in providing isolated electric bass parts with close-ups on YouTube and other social video sites. You can't miss. It is like being spoon-fed by an expert who has done all the hard work for you. With many uploads being added daily, it has never

Can Adults Learn Piano? - Find Out

In this article I'm going to ask the question, can adults learn piano? It's something that a lot of people are asking and I know it's something that not long ago I was askin

The Beatles Songs: "I Am the Walrus"

The history of and story behind the Beatles song "I Am The Walrus," including charts, session info, trivia, and more, from your Oldies Expert at About.com.

How To Make A Successful Press Kit

While music is an artist’s commerce, promotion and publicity are necessary to get as many people as possible aware of you music.

Buying Tips of Home Theater System

If you are planning to buy a home theater, you have taken a good decision. But then you need to know how to buy one. These latest systems offer great audio and visual experience. Companies ...

The Waifs

The 2006 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival featured an ecclectic blend of Canadian, British, and Australian singer/songwriters, grassrock, political rants, world music a cappella, and other forms of American roots music – including stellar performances by Ani Difranco, The Waifs, Martin Sexton, Kr

How to Play the Upright Bass Guitar

The upright bass is often referred to as a contrabass, stand-up bass or bass fiddle. The instrument can be found in musical genres ranging from symphonic orchestra and chamber music to folk, country and bluegrass. While the notes on the upright bass are the same as notes on a traditional bass guitar

Buying Ocarinas: Top 10 Questions To Ask

With hundreds of ocarinas available, choosing the right one for yourself can be difficult. Here are the top 10 questions to ask yourself when navigating the maze of ocarina choices. Can you answer these 10 questions? If you can then you are ready to make your decision.

Top 5 Noteworthy Rap Beats of All Time

This article is about the classic hip hop records that have passed the test of time. Some of the best of the best. If you don't like these beats you probably don't like hip hop.

How to Define a Woodwind Instrument

Typically an orchestra is divided into four groups of instruments; woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion. There are a wide range of instruments included in the woodwind group, all of which come together to add to the overall sound of the orchestra. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell which ins

How to Oil Thread a Hammond Organ

Hammond organs such as B3s or C3s are mechanical instruments with moving parts. They differ from other types of electronic instruments, many of which use digital methods to create sounds. Since there are moving parts such as tonewheels, you occasionally will have to oil thread a Hammond organ. By c