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Do It Yourself Calla Lily Flower Arrangements

Calla lilies are some of the easiest flowers to arrange because they are so stunning all by themselves. It's not necessary to add additional flowers or greenery to fill out the bouquet. The distinctive shape of the lilies is complimented by tall thin vases. Calla lilies are often found in hand-tied

Fancy High Heel Shoe Party Decorations

A fancy high heel shoe party works as a theme for all ages. For young girls, being able to try on their mothers' shoes is a great activity, while women may wish to swap or try on each other's shoes. Regardless, fancy party decorations are needed for a high heel shoe party.

Ideas for a Bachelorette Outing

Bachelorette parties are becoming an increasingly popular way for a bride and her bridal party to celebrate together before the big day. In keeping with the long-standing traditions of the bachelor party, bachelorette parties often have a mischievous or comedic theme. However, there are a variety of

Gifts From The Bride And Groom

A wedding is an incredibly special occasion and creates a day that will live long in the memory. For the bride and groom, of course, it's likely to be one of the most wonderful days ...

Wedding Photography Prices - It Is Prudent To Find Them Out Early

Weddings are once in a life time affairs and thank God for that as they can turn out to be extremely costly ones. Therefore is certainly makes a lot of sense and prudence on one's part to be able to find out what the wedding photography prices are beforehand.

Fun DIY Bright, Summer Wedding Centerpieces

Professional centerpieces can make a huge dent in a wedding budget. Doing it yourself has dual benefits: It will save a little money while adding a personal touch to your centerpieces. If you are planning a summer wedding, nature provides you with materials in almost any color you can think of, and

The Art of the Elegant, Green Thank You Note

Hand written thank you notes for wedding gifts are a social must. There is no way to avoid this task, no matter how much you hate the thought of it, but here are some hints to help you through the process.

Michigan Banquet Halls In Michigan

There are many Michigan banquet halls in Michigan (well over 400 for you to interview). If you are planning a wedding reception, then the selection factors may be more demanding. This list will help y

How to Write a Wedding Invitation With a Deceased Parent

Traditionally, a wedding is hosted by the bride's parents, so the invitation would be worded to indicate that her parents are inviting the guests to the ceremony. If one of the parents is deceased, special thought needs to be given to how the invitation is worded. The surviving parent may host the w

Tailor Your Wedding Ceremony Accents

Your big day will be amongst the most essential days that you have experienced. It's vital that your wedding ceremony is completely special and original.

How to Make a Shirred Table Skirt

A shirred table skirt is a gathered length of fabric that reaches from the edge of a table to the floor, hiding the under-table area and giving the table and its surrounding setting a more formal, finished look. Shirred table skirting is used to finish the appearance of tables from conferences and b

7 Things Great DJs Do Besides Play Music

Wedding DJs wear many hats.Providing the right music at the right time depends on the DJ's knowledge of what is supposed to happen and when, and his ability to help the bride & groom with last-minute changes.His is, above all, a customer service position.

Here For The Party!

The rings are exchanged, the vows have been said, and everything has been sealed with a kiss. What's next? The party! The reception is by far the most anticipated part of any wedding, because it's ...

Guide to Gay Bars

Gay bars are notorious for great dancing, strong drinks and hot men. But navigating the dance floor, floor shows and bars of a gay night club takes some style and panache.

Wedding Stationery - Accessory Cards, Part 1

In addition to the wedding invitation, there are some additional cards which are very often included for the guests. Collectively these are known as accessory cards. Of course, they are usually produced in matching stock to complement the invitation.

Say it Again - All About Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Some couples choose to reaffirm their vows because they didn't (or couldn't) have a religious ceremony the first time and want to be wed in holy matrimony. Religious vow renewals often take place during the regular services in the couple's house of worship.