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A Summer Review

Here are some of my thoughts on things that you can contemplate for a happy and balanced life. There is a range of things to think about or do. I suggest that you choose what ...

Photodynamic Therapy- A Step Ahead!

Not only does this therapy supplement the bacteria elimination but also normalizes the shedding of dead skin cells and tissues within the follicle, the reason being for PDT often named as ''short'' PDT.

Goiter – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a small gland located in the neck, below your Adam's apple. The thyroid can be enlarged due to generalized enlargement of the thyroi

Back Pain Causes And Herbal Remedies For Backache Relief

Back pain or backache is a common complaint these days and nearly 80% of people are estimated to suffer from it once in their lifetime. Herbal remedies can relieve back pain caused due to any reason which helps in treating the root cause of the problem.

Various side effects of Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is one of the most widely used drugs. For getting Ibuprofen, one even does not require prescription of a physician. One can get the Ibuprofen medicine easily from a medical store. The Ibuprofen has ...

What Do People Use Home Ozonators For?

You may wonder what do people use home ozonators for and exactly what the benefits are. They are used for various reasons but usually related to cleansing or health purposes. Ozone is a natural gas that is produced by the atmosphere and has a distinctive smell that is most noticeable after a heavy d

Different Types Of Ayurvedic Remedies

Having originated in India approx. 5000 years ago, Ayurveda is one of the oldest health care systems known to man. The teachings of Ayurveda focus on health and balanced living by maintaining a perfect equilibrium ...

Natural And Effective Remedies For Treating Bronchitis Cough

Bronchitis causes you to have an uncontrollable cough with no relief in mind. When you have a constant reoccurring cold virus (thats how it starts) which can cause respiratory infection or sinus infection, possibly a severe sore throat and nasal congestion, your throat becomes red and irritated and

Five Myths About Neuropathy

Painful feet, numb toes, coldness in the hand and feet are signs of neuropathy. Discover five myths about neuropathy and how they impacy you.

What's the Progesterone Fibromyalgia Link?

Millions of Americans, mostly women, suffer from the debilitating effects of fibromyalgia, which is a common diagnosis for those with widespread body pains, fatigue and stiffness, stress and sleep disturbances and joint pains. Many doctors believe that fibromyalgia is a rheumatic condition, originat

Asian Medicinal Herbs

Herbal medicines are becoming increasingly popular in western countries.chinese tree. ginko biloga. leaf image by joanna wnuk from Fotolia.comWhile Asian countries have a long history of using herbs for medicinal purposes, Western countries have only recently begun to investigate the...

Cure the Common Cold With Aromatherapy Oil

The cure for the common cold may be a long way off, but thankfully through modern medicine and through the many alternative therapies that are available the cold virus can be fought off quite easily.

Sugar Glycemic Index Chart: Your Key To A Healthy Life

Anything that is sugary and sweet is supposed to be a gastronomic treat. However, for people with diabetes these delectable treats are something that has to be avoided. Thankfully, experts in the fiel

The Mystery of Goji Berries

With all the troubles of the day, who doesn't end up feeling at least a little bit stressed? I know I do and I don't think I am alone. Well goji berries have been used for centuries in Asian medicine for many different things. One of them happens to be as a stress reducer.

Rat Race Stress -How Downshifting Can Improve Your Health

When we choose to prioritise our quality of life above our money earning capacity, magical things can happen with respect to how we treat ourselves. For most who downshift, improving health and wellbeing take a driving seat, often where it has previously been denied or ignored. And for those who are

Is Heat or Ice Better for Arthritis Pain?

You probably know that applying heat or ice to a painful joint can help relieve pain, but have questions about these simple techniques.Which one?Why? How often?How long?The only time you must...