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Options to Deal With Problems Like Osteoarthritis

Dealing with osteoarthritis is not easy. Years of wear and tear to the knees cause problems which can be extremely painful. Walking, running, walking up and down the stairs and jumping around causes damage to the cartridge and leave the bones brushing against each other.

Low Back Pain and Sciatica When Running (Part I of II)

Low Back Pain or sciatica can be a relatively common occurrence with runners. This first part of two articles will begin to explore why this maybe the case and what can be done to try and resolve it...

Computers Mousing is the Cause of Ganglia - Is it a Myth Or a Fact?

We all heard people complain time and again of wrist pain? These people are mostly the ones who work on the computers all day or those who play a lot. Many times we thought that they are merely over reacting or joking, after all how in the world mousing can cause you pain.

11 Helpful Tips for Back Pain Relief

The article gives you 11 Helpful Tips for Back Pain Relief. By doing these suggestions, you can do more of the activities that matter to you with less pain.