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Programs To Discipline Children And Their Results

When it comes to how one chooses to discipline children, many avenues and programs are available. Essentially it is a process where one learns how to set respectful boundaries with their child. Here are two programs of discipline, their methods and possible results.

Make the Day Count

A few tips and ideas of how to make your day go fast when there is nothing scheduled. Raising twins to have fun at home without the TV being on all day!

Saving Money with Baby

No matter where you look these days, the prices for all kinds of goods seems to be going up. Sometimes the prices on the goods you buy go up, other times the manufacturers try to ...

Parental Internet Tracking - Protect Your Children From Sexual Predators

Parental internet tracking is an absolute must for parents these days if you have children of any age at home. You must have a way to protect your children from sexual predators online. The statistics are staggering when you look at how many different ways that are children are in danger while on th

The Advantages of Receiving or Buying Gently Used Baby Clothes

Kids are messy - babies even more so - so if you can get your hands on gently used baby clothes you will find it a lot less stressful when your little one goes playing in the dirt, mud or whatever mess they can find themselves in. This article will give you a few ideas for where you can find gently

Baby Not Sleeping? 4 Steps to Afternoon Nap Success!

Getting your child or baby to sleep can be a daunting task for any parent, especially for those with toddlers that simply refuse to play ball. The night time sleep is one thing, but getting them down for that crucial afternoon nap can be downright impossible. Here is my 4 step plan to getting them d

Three Simple Tips For Teaching Trust

Children are naturally trusting and readily place their faith in adults.It is our responsibility as adults to safeguard that trust.

The Art Of Pretending

Pretending is incredibly important for children, especially those going through some form of turmoil in their lives. Pretending is the mind’s best way to engage the creativity and inventive spirit that most kids have. By imagining a world or a far off place away from it all, kids can escape th

Children's Cognitive Games

Cognitive development happens rapidly in children.children image by Stefan Andronache from Fotolia.comCognitive development occurs rapidly in children. Cognitive abilities include motor skills, speaking, reasoning and socializing. Stages of Cognitive development change every two to four...

Cool Whip "Cheater" Pies

Recipe for Cool Whip "Cheater" Pies, part of a collection of summertime dessert family recipes. These easy-to-make pie recipes start with Cool Whip.

Successful Part-Time Babysitting

Babysitting for working parents can be a great part-time job. A few ideas for having a good experience with the kids is to follow the rules, use treats as rewards, and play and have fun with the kids.

Is Your Baby Shampoo Safe?

Child shampoos are usually advertised as being gentle or safe. Be careful simply because a lot of shampoos involve the ingredients formaldehyde and dioxane that are not safe. Sweet-smelling baby products may include most pretty ...