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How to Build a Mold for Gelcoat Fiberglass

If you want to create many copies of an object in gelcoat fiberglass, you will need to make a mold of that object. Since fiberglass is hard, you will want a mold that is soft and can flex off of each copy. The ideal material to do this is silicone. It is strong enough to produce many copies, but sof

Glock G20 .40 Conversions

The Glock model 20 is a full-sized pistol chambered for the powerful 10mm bullet. This model was a contender for widespread use among law enforcement until a model chamber for the slightly shorter .40 S&W caliber bullets gained popularity. The G20 cannot be converted. Conversion between calibers is

How to Make a Door Hanger on the Computer

Creating your own door hanger gives you the power to get your message out. Maybe you work from home and need a way to let people know that you want a little privacy, or maybe you want an ad to distribute. Either way, you can easily design your own hanger on a home computer using Adobe Photoshop. It

How to Start a Home Shop

Shop class in school was one of the classes that many people enjoyed taking because it was a time to be creative and work with all of the available tools to bring the projects in your head to life. You can have that same place to escape to today. A home shop can be the perfect creative environment t

How to Create Phylogenetic Trees

Phylogenetic trees are a complicated, highly technical bioinformatic tool used by biologists to determine the evolutionary relationship between different species. In particular, phylogenetics looks at the differences or similarities in genes between species and aims to establish the two species actu

Plant Life in Missouri

Missouri lies at an ecological crossroads. Its habitat blends Midwestern prairies and savannas with eastern forests suggestive of the Appalachians and some of the northernmost examples of Atlantic/Gulf Coastal Plain species. For the plant lover, this makes for fruitful adventuring.

How to Remove Orange Glo

When you first applied the Orange Glo to your wood floors, you may have thought it was a miraculous product---until you tried to clean the floors. Even if you used the manufacturer recommended Orange Glo floor cleaner and followed the directions to the letter, you may have ended up with a streaky me

How to Do a Mesh With Cricut

The Cricut is a die-cutting design machine that has preset designs to choose from and optional software that allows you to create your own custom patterns. You can create a mesh design with a singular design repeated in a string or rotated, flipped and mirrored to create an interlocked mesh pattern.

How to Locate Old Royal Vienna China

Royal Vienna china is the common name for the valuable and rare china produced by the Imperial and Royal Porcelain Manufactory, located in Vienna, Austria, from 1718 to 1864. This china requires some sleuthing to find, but it is still possible to acquire pieces of Royal Vienna china.

Basic Principle of RFID

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a method of automatically identifying an object by equipping it with an RFID tag, or transponder. The tag is assigned a unique identifying code, called an electronic product code, and has an antenna through which it can communicate with an RFID reader via rad

Uses for Photovoltaic Cells

Panels with photovoltaic cells convert sun light into electricity.Solar Panels image by alessbonaventura from Fotolia.comPhotovoltaic or solar cells are made of gallium arsenide and other materials similar to those used in computer chips. These cells can convert the sun's radiation into...

How to Use a Metal Lathe for Wood

Lathes are machines used to cut and shape pieces of metal or wood stock. Once the piece of stock is mounted onto the lathe's main and supporting spindles, it begins to rotate rapidly. As the lathe operator brings a tool of his choice against the edge of the rotating stock, wood or metal is filed, go

How to Install a Gravel Lawn

Gardeners often install a gravel lawn when their turf grass cannot survive the environment, to save money on water bills or to enjoy a low maintenance landscape. Gravel lawns do not have to be devoid of vegetation. Gardeners may brighten up their gravel lawn using plants in containers or leaving sma

Lathe Tool Sharpening Tips

Chisel edges become dull with use.tool bench image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comThe chisels and form tools used to carve wood mounted on a lathe will become dull the more you use them. Most wood turners use a "belt and buff" system for sharpening dull edges. An electric motor turns a...

How to Hear a High Pitch Noise

Sounds occur in a wide range of frequencies. The human ear can hear sounds approximately between 20Hz and 20kHz. (See Reference 1) High pitched sounds occurring at the upper range of human hearing can be difficult to hear. Hearing a high-pitched noise may require making a few preparations. Trying to

Mahogany Vs. Cherry

Choosing between cherry and mahogany wood is sometimes just a matter of taste. Both woods have qualities that make them an ideal choice in different building situations. Cherry is often considered a luxury wood, while mahogany can be had at a much lower price. All species of cherry are hardwood, som

The Differences Between an Airbus A330-300 & A330-200

The Airbus A330 series, consisting of the Airbus A330-200, A330-300 and the A330-200F Freighter, are Airbus' largest twin-engine commercial airliners. These are wide-body planes with capacity ranging from 256 to 335 seats, designed for use on medium-range routes. Development of the series began in 1