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Applique and Embroidery Stitching in Quilting Projects

Applique and embroidery stitching in quilting projects will add those beautiful professional finishing features which will enhance and complete your quilt design. Contemporary quilting has taken on a more artful emergence than former years. The advancement of new technology of fabrics, notions, thre

Basics of Beekeeping - A Beginner's Guide

So you are thinking of becoming a beekeeper? There are a lot of people who have thought about taking on this hobby and it does not take a lot of hardware, but you do have to have a love of bees. To start your own hive, you will need to understand the beekeeping basics.

Great Tips for Sewing Patterns With Ease!

Many people don't realize that you don't necessarily need a top of the line sewing machine in order to create sewing patterns like a pro. Sure, having the right machine can make the process a whole lot faster and easier, but today I'll give you some good tips on how to do this without

Fantastic Four Comic Book

This article is about comic books. Fantastic Four, x-men, and the silver surfer when they all showed in on of the other comic.

Kitchen Cupboard Crafts

Recipes to make salt dough, play dough, bread clay, bubbles and rocket.All from sinple ingredients that you can find around the kitchen.

Matchless Short Barbie Doll Accessories: Layout Recommendations

First of all you are not going to want to cram any room with furniture, it is wasteful and distasteful.It depends - this is the easiest way to answer to the question:How many pieces of dollhouse furniture should I put in my room?The answer depends on the theme or message that you are trying to send,

Development of RC Airplanes

Model airplane building has been around for a long time.Leonardo DaVinci made sketches of aircraft before they were ever invented.Man has tried to simulate flight by watching the birds and many early airplanes were made similar to bird wings but did not have the proper lift to make them successful.I

Mapping Massachusetts, 1750-1801

The second half of the 18th century saw marked transitions in American mapmaking – stimulated initially by the requirements of the British colonial administration and later by those of the state gover

Tiny Treats Cupcakes

The number of dessert houses, bakerys and cafes in Cairo is forever growing, with cupcakes still enjoying the bulk of attention. Far from filling us with enthusiasm, we headed to Tiny Treats Cupcakes, situated competitively ...

Underwater Detector

Have you ever wondered what sort of treasures could be discovered at sea, if so you've probably looked at an Underwater Metal Detector or at minimum a waterproof one. There are numerous of things you have to consider prior to deciding on which to buy.

An Introduction to Making Fused Glass

Making fused glass art is a process by which individual pieces of glass are fused together to make a new piece of glass. The effects that can be achieved with this process are truly beautiful.

Fun Snowflake Craft Ideas and Instructions

Keep the focus on the simple pleasures of the Holiday season with some artful snowflake crafts. What could be more beautiful than simple decorations for a setting that is unassuming, honest, welcoming and warm? And what could be simpler than a snowflake? It's an image that let's us travel

The Old Fashioned Touch: Envelope Seals

What are envelope seals? In this day of email, text messaging and instant messaging, real mail can be something of an anomaly, a special surprise in the mail. If that mail is from a friend or family member, complete with an old fashioned envelope seal, it can be even more spectacular.

Beeswax - The Miracle For Home Candle Makers

For as long as there have been bees people have been enjoying the fruits of the bees labors in many ways, whether it be the sweet honey they produce or the sweet burning scents of beeswax. We talk about working with beeswax frequently but how exactly is beeswax created and rendered from the beehive

How to Correctly Check Your Gauge in Knitting

To make sure that your project comes out exactly right and is the correct size that you want you need to make a gauge swatch. Now a lot of people skip this step because they're so excited to start their actual project and that's understandable but it can really slow you down. Cutting corne