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How to Convert a Massive Garage into a Game Room

The best way to add value and worth to your home is to utilize all available space efficiently. If you would like to have a game room in your house and are short on space, consider remodeling the garage into a game room. This is a cost-effective and smart way to best utilize any unused space in the

My Cultured Marble Vanity Is Warping

Cultured marble is a man-made product produced from a mixture of marble dust and resins. The liquid mixture is poured into molds, which harden into countertops or shower panels. While cultured marble is a fairly durable product, it can warp under some conditions. Many counters may warp very slightly

Ceiling Removal with Chrysotile Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that is mined in Canada, Russia, Italy, and many other places around the world. For many years, asbestos was added to a variety of construction materials to make them stronger and more resistant to fire. However, in the 1950s, a landmark South African study conclusively r

How to Use a Tarp to Repair a Roof

Tarping a roof is a type of emergency repair. This repair is usually necessary after a severe storm such as a tornado or hurricane. Homeowners tackle this temporary repair when contractors are unavailable and the homeowner needs a temporary fix to guard against subsequent storms. A tarped roof repai

How to Sand & Polish Marble Floors

Marble is a soft and porous stone used as a floor surface. Marble floors are easily scratched and stained. Shallow scratches can be repaired through sanding and polishing. Deep scratches can be improved, however they will be difficult to completely sand out.

Tools Needed to Lay Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate installation goes smoother with the correct tools.Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty ImagesLaminate wood flooring is often advertised as a do-it-yourself material, and many handy homeowners encounter few problems installing laminate in their homes. Typically, the key to a successful...

Window Shutter Styles

Shutters are window coverings that add style to a home both on the interior and exterior. Shutters consist of a top and bottom, and the in-between pieces are referred to as louvers. They can be opened or shut and raised or lowered by a stile located on the side.

How to Install Underlayment Under Bruce Solid Hardwood Floors

Hardwood has been used for flooring for a long time, due to its ability to add charm and value to your house. Hardwood flooring is warm, durable, requires little maintenance, is easy to clean and is available in many different colors and varieties of wood species. It can be installed plainly or can

How to Scrape a Wood Floor

All home repair and improvement projects require knowledge and preparation of the task at hand. When it comes to scraping and repairing your hardwood floors, you want to make sure you follow the instructions so that you avoid all possible mistakes and damage.

The Best Way to Hang Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets are a little more difficult to install in your home than the type of cabinets that can sit on the floor. If you do not use the best methods for hanging the wall-mounted cabinets, the result could be crooked cabinets or, worse, cabinets that fall from the wall when too much is p

How to Calculate Wind Forces

When constructing a wall of a structure it is important to be sure to build the structure in such a manner that it can withstand the forces that will be applied on it by heavy winds. Calculating the force on a wall requires only the application of a simple formula, which you can easily commit to mem

How to Replace a Hole in a Roof

A hole in your roof can have a few different causes. For example, you may have recently removed a vent, which can leave quite a large hole. A hole in your roof can also be caused by large hail during a storm. When there is a hole in your roof, leaking problems are likely to result. This means you ne

How to Hang an Extension Mirror

Hanging an extension mirror in your bathroom adds a custom touch to the decor. Extension mirrors often attach to the wall next to the mirror, and the light reflecting from the extension mirror can make a small bathroom feel larger. Most extension mirrors magnify faces, which make them ideal for appl

How to Make a Giant Tiki Head

Proceeded only by carved drawings, tikis are one of the oldest methods of art. The carved wooden or stone idols represented the gods of the culture. If you want to decorate your home with giant tiki heads, instead of spending lots of money to purchase a tiki from home stores or garden supply stores,

Do You Have to Replace Cement Backer Boards?

Cement backer boards are designed and manufactured for use with ceramic tile and natural stone installations, acting as an underlayment layer between the wooden substrate below the board and the tile installation on top. If you are remodeling an old tile floor and are trying to decide whether you ne

How to Replace Sunroom Windows

One of the best ways to give your house a bright and warm appeal is by constructing a sunroom or a solarium. Sunrooms let you enjoy the view and feel of the outside while you stay indoors. They provide a great way to benefit from nature and will give homes a touch of class and sophistication. The be

How to Texture Coat Your Home

Texture coating your home provides a weather shield, protecting it from sun, rain, wind, mildew and heat, thereby lengthening the life of the exterior. The texture coat helps keep the external temperature of your home lower, which translates into heating and cooling savings for your electric bill. T

Differences Among Silicone, Adhesive and Caulk

Many home improvement jobs will require the use of some type of adhesive, caulk or sealant to complete the job. These items are made out of many different materials, such as silicone and acrylic. To select the right material for the job requires knowledge of what each type does, protects and the pro

How to Build a Faux Brick Wall

Exposed brick walls in apartments and homes are popular design choices. If your home does not have exposed brick, you don't need masonry skills to add it. Prefabricated brick panels are available in dozens of styles and finishes. The panels have tabs on the sides that lock together like a puzzle. Wi

How to Remove Peel & Stick Vinyl Tile Glue From Floor

Peel and stick tiles are one of the most common flooring options. They are installed easily and can be used almost instantly after installation. However, removing peel and stick vinyl tile can be unusually difficult, which is especially true for the glue that is left behind from the tiles. If you ha