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Theater Prop Ideas

Finding props for a theater production is full of challenges; cutlery can be easily found in your kitchen, but in order to create cakes an actor can jump out of you may need to get creative with cardboard, paint and icing sugar. From the commonplace to the extraordinary, remember that all the world

Mastering the Gift Called Light in Photography

Have you ever tired photography and asked yourself just how do you master light? Have you ever wondered how photographers are able to produce such impressive images?

Slim Digital Camera - Why is it Must-Have?

Capturing great moments of our everyday-lives has never been easier especially with a slim digital camera. You can literally capture any moment of your life spontaneously and it still turns out to be a great shot. why is it so good and why should you have it?

Wedding Photography Prices

People are often surprised at the cost of wedding photography. This article examines the necessity for the prices.

Convert Your Slides to Digital Format and Protect Your Precious Pictures

Your slides cannot remain in their original format without losing contrast and color over time. This would drastically affect the quality of your pictures when you view them on a projector. The perfect way to protect your precious pictures is to convert your slides to digital format.

How To Use A Wide Angle Lens

Too often a wide angle lens is used purely to get more in the photo rather than utilise the perspective effect of the extra angle of coverage to create eye catching photos. There is a temptation, particularly with ultra wide angle lenses to simply get it all in or more image in your viewfinder, too

Transforming a Photograph in to a Canvas Print

When you're thinking of transforming a photograph in to a canvas print you can really let your imagination go wild. Canvas photo printing is like artwork on canvas and there's no right or wrong in ...

Landscape Photography

This article is on the technique of landscape photography. How to use the landscape to your advantage. When to add sunlight and animals. Know when is the right time to be in an area to shoot the type of photos you want to capture.

Free Digital Photography Courses Online

Digital cameras have taken over the world of photography, finding a new 35mm camera is difficult these days. Secondhand 35mm cameras however are very cheap and you can buy the best of this type of cameras for almost nothing at e-bay or secondhand stores online. New digital cameras can be bought ever

Add Effects To Photos And Spice To Life

If you want to add effects to photos, there are several photo editing applications on the Internet, but the trick is selecting the right effect for the right photo. If you can get the photo-effect combination right, then there's no stopping you from creating amazing digital photos from your ori

Simple Tips For Great Digital Photography

When it comes to photography, the beginner can be clouded with lots of tips and techniques. What happens is no improvement at all. This article will show you how to get better at photography.

Animal Photography Basics - How to Get Great Photos in Your Backyard

If you have always struggled to take great animal or insect photos then learn how you can start improving your photographs right away. In this article, you will learn some simple techniques that you can use for taking outstanding animal and insect photographs.

How to Restore Scanned Photos

One of the nicest things about photography going digital is that you can take old photographs and scan them into your computer and restore them to look almost like new. It doesn't matter if they were torn in half or if they got a little dirty, because photo-editing software gives you the tools to fi

How to Keep Film From Being Grainy

Shooting a film can create grainy footage depending on the kind of film used and the shooting conditions. A digital camera footage is made up of pixels, which are very small squares. Meanwhile film footage is made up of very small grains, which are circular. When shooting a photo or a movie in film

10 Top Tips For Photographing Children

We all take so many photos of our kids, but it can be difficult to get that perfect shot when your little model won't sit still, won't smile, or will only smile like a cheesy gameshow host! When you try to direct children to pose, they tend to assume bizarre, twisted positions or do things

Checkpoints For a Personal Portfolio Website

Maintaining a personal portfolio website is needed for several needs and reasons. To make your online profile available to others you need to raise its visibility and for that your website projecting your work experience and other related details.

How to Put an Epiphone SG Back Together

The main differences between a Gibson guitar and an Epiphone SG is that Epiphones are made overseas and manufactured from less expensive materials. These two factors contribute to making the Epiphone SG a more economical choice for a guitarist on a limited budget. It is also possible to upgrade an E