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One Rose, Two Rose, Red Rose, Blue Rose

On your way home from work you stop at the local flower and pick up a beautiful bouquet of flowers hoping to swoon the one you love. The florist asks you what color of roses you want. You stand there dumbfounded. You didnt even know that roses came in any other color than red. Trying not to sound co

Fake or Fir: A Christmas Dilemma

Every year families are confronted with the dilemma of whether to buy a live Christmas tree, or to invest in an artificial one. While it ultimately comes down to personal taste, there are some definite pros and cons one might want to consider before weighing in on the matter.

Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes

If you plus size ladies are fed up with frumpy old Halloween outfits then worry no more because there are loads of sexy plus size Halloween costumes to choose from. Some ladies even say that a few of the costumes are a bit too sexy, but you can always add a stitch or too if the neckline plunges too

Birthday Gifts for One-Year-Olds

The first birthday is a huge milestone for the child and her parents. Although not compulsory, most families celebrate the day in recognition of the growth from baby to toddler. When choosing a birthday gift for the honoree, consider one that is safe, assists development and is approved by his paren

How to Make a Medieval Monk Costume

Medieval monks were sometimes gentle beggars or fiery traveling preachers, and they were also the copiers, keepers and protectors of ancient knowledge in the chaos of the Dark Ages, according to Middle Ages.org. With access to that knowledge, they were often the only poets, scientist, historians and

Celebrate the Holidays With the New Family Additions

Preparing for the holidays can be an exciting time.Whatever the current economic situation is, holidays and Christmas are a time to celebrate.Even on a tighter than normal budget,it feels nice to shop and give presents to all our loved ones especially the kids.

Top Girl Christmas Gifts

Finding the right gift for a girl can be an arduous process.christmas presents under christmas tree image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comThe mercurial universe of the adolescent and pre-teen girl is one of the world's great, unsolved mysteries. Though many, from laboratory-bound...

Caribbean Home Decor & Gifts

If you have a friend who enjoys Caribbean-themed decor--or who simply likes the Caribbean--then consider purchasing a gift that he can display in his home. Caribbean decor includes a wide range of items. Some important characteristic to keep in mind are tropical themes, bright rainbow colors, sand,

Simplify Simplify Simplify

This Simplify Simplify Simplify thing might sound harshbut life seems quite short to me these days. So I have officially changed course and I am giving you official license to do the same.

Christmas Activities & Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the holidays with Christmas crafts and games for your children. Use your imagination to create Christmas activities for your classroom or your children at home. A few supplies are all you need to get started creating festive games and crafts. When playing Christmas games, be sure to award

Kids' Party Ideas for a Cannonball Splash Contest

There are few better ways for kids to celebrate the summer than by going swimming. Add to the fun by staging a cannonball splash contest, where participants must crunch into a ball, jump into the water and try to make the biggest splash possible. Make your splash contest a major event by finding oth

Evaluation of the History of the Renaissance

The European renaissance began in the 15th century and lasted into the early 17th century. During the renaissance, a reevaluation of thought in the sciences, religion, medicine, education and the arts gave Europeans a new appreciation for reason.

Ideas for a Wife's Christmas Present

Celebrate your wife with a gift from the heart.christmas image by dinostock from Fotolia.comThe joyous holiday season inspires people gather together in celebration, shared meals and gift exchanges meant to show how much they appreciate each other. Choose a gift for your wife that...

Fairy Princess Halloween Costumes

People are slowly counting down the days to one of the most celebrated events of ever year and that is Halloween. Kids get excited to dress up and go trick or treating while adults can't contain their happiness at the thought of attending many different costume parties and Halloween events...

Cool Christmas Gifts for Moms

Wow your mom with an awesome Christmas gift.christmas gift image by yang xiaofeng from Fotolia.comWhen Christmas season rolls around, it's best to start thinking of gift ideas for loved ones and friends. The earlier you are able to get a start on your Christmas shopping, the better a...

How to Make a Greek Column for a Stage

While simple, painted backdrops can provide a basic set, adding three-dimensional set-pieces, such as columns, to your stage can move your production to the next level. Greek columns are a relatively easy addition to your stage. This easy addition, however, pays off big in the look and feel of the s

How to Make Homemade Christmas Gift Tags for Bread

Homemade treats, like cookies, cakes and bread, are tasty gifts to give during Christmas. Add gift tags to list the sender and the recipient. You can buy premade gift tags at stores, but they usually lack a personal touch. Handmade Christmas gift tags can be made with little effort. The result is a

German Halloween Traditions

Halloween in Germany is a festive, exciting time filled with old traditions and modern twists. Halloween began among Celtics and Druids of Scottish, Irish and English descent. Their "Festival of Samhain," or "festival of the dead," started sometime around A.D. 800 when it was bel