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Saved by Jesus Outside the Church?

Is it possible, according to scripture, to be saved by a personal relationship with Jesus separate and apart from the church?

Why Do Jews Put Rocks on Headstones?

No one knows for sure where the Jewish tradition of placing pebbles on gravestones came from. There are many theories to explain the origin of the custom, which has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, Jews place pebbles on gravestones to demonstrate that someone still cares for and remem

The Carnal Tsunami

A Carnal Tsunami has been sweeping across this land with a vengence. The things that we once counted secure, such as our values, ethics and morals continue to be swept to the side.

Did God Have a Mother?

The Mother of God is a shift from the old Mother God and was installed as such by the religion of Constantine. Now more people pray to the Mother than to the Son or the Spirit.

Consult Shiv Jyotish Rajat Nayar for Success in Life

Astrological knowledge in Hindi is known as Jyotish Gyan. It is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word €jyotisa€, which means a light heavenly body. In fact, the fundamental principles of Hindu astrology enables a learned ...

The History of Teaching the Blind

For centuries, the blind were considered not capable of learning to read and write. Fortunately, a joint commitment by the sighted and the sightless, combined with technical ingenuity, produced techniques that have allowed the blind to achieve literacy and express their unlimited learning potential.

Locating A Church For Your Big Day

For couples who are planning to get married, finding a suitable Staten Island church is one of the concerns. This is basically part of the wedding preparations that must be accomplished. If you are tying ...

Fashion Camps in Michigan for Kids

A number of fashion camps are offered in Michigan.Fashion image by CODETZ from Fotolia.comHiking, swimming lessons, sitting around a campfire: these are some of the images that generally come to mind at the mention of a kids summer camp. But many kids camps today are much more...

How to Simplify My Life for Lent

Lent lasts from Ash Wednesday to Easter. It is common to practice prayer, forgiveness, charity and controlled discipline through fasting. In modern times, many people give up things they feel are vices during lent as part of a fast or purification. Lent can be a time to help simplify life by giving

Man is But an Ungrateful Bastard

To what extent can man be ungrateful? Man is but a slave to his lower desires. Man obeys the devil. Man sees nothing but money, possessions, self-glory, power, acquisitiveness. He has forsaken everyth

How to Light a Candle for a Memorial Service

Memorial ceremonies are a large part of many people's lives. They can be independent ceremonies that honor one or many people on the anniversary of an event or part of a larger ceremony. Many engaged couples with deceased loved ones have a small memorial ceremony for those loved ones as part of the

Children and God

What is the key priority when it comes to children and God, and why are they so important and precious to Him? What is the very best road to raising Godly children.