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The Best of Today's Stocks Hints Lists

There are a lot of stocks hints lists clamoring for your attention and claiming that they are the best at delivering stock picks to you so that you can investing accordingly and pocket a huge profit, but most of these lists are just pump and dump scenarios which make use of no real algorithms and ar

How to Trade Stock With Intraday Volatility

While investors hold stocks for longer periods of time not concerning themselves with the day-to-day movements of the stock markets, those who trade stocks use the day-to-day and sometimes minute-to-minute movements as a way to make short-term profits. Stock traders who buy and sell a stock in the s

Why Shouldn't Charities Use Proven Marketing Techniques?

Charities are sometimes criticized for using marketing techniques that have proven to be effective for business.Why shouldn't charities use techniques that work? After all, the same consumers that we trust to make intelligent choices are the potential donors charities are seeking. Strategic mar

CFDs and the Power of Leverage

When I started trading CFDs some 8 years ago, I ended up getting carried away and lost the amount I decided to risk. The fact is however that we all have losses and mine was a classic case of being successful in the early stages only to see my profit wiped out after I started increasing my trade siz

Stock Market Protocol

Savers put money to work within the stock market to establish long-term financial security. Beyond simply trading stocks, financial market performance helps government officials propose suitable legislation. Familiarize yourself with stock market protocol before making financial decisions.

How & When to Buy Stocks

Stocks offer the best opportunity for capital appreciation. Online trading has made the logistics of buying and selling stocks easy. But stocks are risky: investors can and often do lose money in stocks. When to buy stocks is as important as what stocks to buy.

How to Trade Stocks Online - Some Tips to Get Started

There are two ways that you can trade stocks and make money in this venture - you trade stocks in the exchange floor, or you can trade online. With the convenience of buying and selling stocks at the comforts of your own home, or wherever you are, stock trading online has become popular. In fact, it

Basics of Bond Trading

Bonds are debt instruments issued by governments and corporations. A bond has a maturity date (the date on which the principal will be repaid in full), pays a fixed amount of interest and may have a call provision (the ability of the issuer to call, or redeem, the bond prior to maturity). A bond has

Bear Market Survival Tips

No investor looks forward to a bear market, but they are a part of the market cycle.Sot if you plan to be a long term investor in the stock market, it is better to plan how to survive the bear markets that you will encounter than to think you can avoid them.

Common Trust Fund Vs. Unit Investment Trust Fund

Trusts are groups of assets--stocks, bonds, etc.--that provide benefits for an organization, child or other family member. A common trust fund and unit investment trusts are two major categories of trust funds.

Product Fundraising

Everyone looks forward to the time of year that Girl Scout cookies hit the streets and find their way to their neighborhood.The Girl Scouts of America have developed a staple product fundraising campaign that produces incredible results every year.

How to Buy Chinese Stocks on the NYSE

With the recent decline in US stocks, many investors are starting to look at emerging markets and especially China as the future growth area for stocks. In the US, stocks are perceived by many economists and investors as promising lackluster growth in the coming years after the markets stabilize.

These Stocks Always Get Bad Press

I can remember when the word penny stock was not such a taboo word. It seems like the advent of the internet has really given penny stocks a bad rap. It also seems so difficult to find the best penny stocks when there is a ton of competing information and promotions.

What Goes Into Planning Your School Fundraising Event

To make your life a bit easier here is a simple guide to ensuring that your school fundraising events achieve their goals and operate smoothly. Namely, that they are both profitable and trouble free.

How to Calculate Earnings Per Share

Earnings per share is the allocation of a company's net income to each outstanding common share of stock. Earnings per share is used by Wall Street & other stock market analysts to measure the profitability of a company versus another company in the same industry, plus is a way of evaluating qu