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How to Locate a 4.6 Crank Sensor

The Ford 4.6 engine uses two crankshaft position sensors. Most crankshaft sensors are located at the bottom of the engine, near the crankshaft, but the 4.6-liter engine has a different configuration. This particular engine uses two crankshaft sensors to determine top dead center of the engine. The s

DIY Custom Gauges

Aftermarket and custom gauges are a popular addition to modified or customized vehicles. Aftermarket gauges often function better than the stock gauges, particularly if the vehicle is older, and can allow you to monitor functions that the stock gauges do not have provisions for. Many cars, for insta

How to Install a Chevy Thermostat

A Chevy's thermostat operates to restrict antifreeze from entering the engine from the radiator until the engine needs to be cooled. When an engine is started cold, it takes time for the engine to warm up. If the cool antifreeze circulated throughout the engine, it would take a considerably longer t

How to Troubleshoot an Engine Noise

You are driving along, no worries in the world, and suddenly there is a strange noise coming from under the hood. You open the hood and stare at the engine, without any idea where the noise is coming from and want to figure out what the noise means. Engine noises need not be frightening. Sometimes t

How to Change Coolant on a Subaru Forester

Changing the coolant in the Subaru Forester involves removing the air from the cooling system after new coolant is added. Removing the coolant can be done quickly, but you will need to plan a few extra minutes to work through the process to ensure the system is properly bled so that there is no air

How to Replace Disc Break Pads

Disk brake pads are crucial components of your vehicle's braking system. The brake pads are those small but important parts that clamp the rotor when the brakes are applied, thus slowing the car. Changing your vehicle's brake pads is a routine part of maintenance. According to most car makers, it sh

How to Clean Up Oil Spills on Land

Oil can spill on land when adding oil to outdoor lawn equipment or changing oil in a car. Oil is poisonous to animals, people and plants, so it is important to clean up any oil that has been spilled. You can clean up an oil spill on land quickly and effectively by using supplies that you can easily

How to Change a Fuel Pump in a Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla fuel pump is electric, so the fuses and relays should be checked before looking at the fuel pump itself. If the fuel tank is not empty but the engine is still having trouble getting fuel, the fuel pump may need to be cleaned or replaced. The Toyota Corolla comes in a variety of st